Bring Back the Tan M&M®:

The Tan Ribbon Campaign

I decided to start this tan ribbon campaign because they replaced the tan M&M® with a prettier blue M&M® Well, I say that's morally wrong. I mean, that's discrimination, just because tan isn't a pretty color they had to replace it? With blue? They could've at least picked a prettier color than blue. Besides, all colors of M&M's® taste the same anyways, so why should they have to change the color?

Our Purpose
Our purpose is to get the people to put the tan M&M® back in the bag where it belongs so consumers like me can enjoy the lovely tan M&M®.

How You Can Join In This Crusade
You can join the crusade by putting this ribbon on your homepage. Just paste the HTML below on your page.

<a href=> <img src= height=200 width=100> </a>

I would like to thank

You are the person here since I started this campaign.

You can always E-Mail me!

Just to let you know, I don't actually take this seriously. I just work on this when I'm bored because it's something to do.